Enjoy the real quality

Enjoy the real quality

Enjoy the real quality

All Inawera flavours have been especially selected for vaping

Inawera flavours have been created from food aromas especially reconstructed for vaping.
All the ingredients have been laboratory tested and certified.
The bottles are resistant to all kinds of agressive liquids.

Regarding all that panic around vaping:
Inawera flavours do not contain Vitamin E acetate (CAS number 59-02-9), tocoferyl acetate (CAS number 58-95-7), tetrahydrocannabiol (THC) with CAS number 1972-08-3 and pulegone (CAS number 89-82-7).
And no cucralose.

No customs' check in European Union.

Due to the central European location of the shop you will enjoy fast shipping.
The online shop is authorised seller of products manufactured by: Inawera Dot Com, ul. Jezynowa 11 20-258 Turka. Poland

Good news for overseas customers: DHL shipping to USA, Canada, Australia, South Africa... is now available.

Currently we ship orders in 1-2 days.

We do not ship to Estonia and Thailand


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